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About us

Alterra Commodities is the independent company with the principal office in Hungary. Our principal activities are trading of raw materials (including the arrangement of the relevant logistics). We have deserved the high reputation between our customers and colleagues due to our effective operation, excellent results and the responsible approach to the business. Our goal is the constant improvement of our work. The knowledge of leading experts accumulated by us help to achieve high results. We always deliver the goods to where they are most needed. We work timely, quickly and effectively

What do we trade?

Our principal activities are treatment and trade of agricultural products and industrial raw materials as well as construction materials.

We also trade organic fertilizers, cereals such as rice, wheat, barley and corn, oil plants and legumes (soy, peas) and we are also involved into the trade of chemical products (glycerin, biodiesel fuel), mineral deposits (coal) and construction raw materials (sand, stone).


We enter into product delivery contracts with manufacturers of raw materials, invest into development of logistic schemes that allow our suppliers to obtain the direct access to the market of raw materials.


We have well-maintained storage and warehousing system. We use our own facilities and rent facilities of other companies.


We offer high-quality logistical services. We deliver raw materials using all types of transportation.

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